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Social Networking: How to take advantage of the human web

8 Oct

Here it comes! The last compulsory blog post related to the use of web2.0 tools for companies. But fortunately, this experience gave me the taste of sharing my “knowledge” (if we can say so) with you my dear readers. I therefore intend to keep this blog updated with any information that I find interesting or any discovery that I make about Web2.0 technologies, which are always on the move.

But back to today’s topic: Companies’ usage of social networks.

Social network can be defined as a set of connections through individuals that lead to an expansion of one’s business or social contacts. Today, social networking can easily be achieved on the Internet: People can create their personal identity and share information with their contacts on an online community.

Social networking is more popular online. Indeed, the online community is a gigantic database of people that share common interests, and because it’s global you can get to know helpful contacts that you would be unlikely to have met otherwise. There even is a theory called “the six degree of separation concept” that conveys the idea that any two people on the planet could make contact through a chain of no more than five intermediaries.

The six degrees of separation concept

This clearly highlight the huge potential of social networking in linking up with others, keeping in touch with them and above all connecting with new contacts that can give you a hand in a specific area.

It is widely known that individuals use social networking should it be in their personal life (to keep in touch with friends on Facebook) or their professional life (to connect with potential employers with LinkedIn).
But companies have realized the value of social networking, and benefits for businesses are numerous.

Internal benefits:

• Enable ongoing and integrated communication
• Encourage employees creativity and foster innovation
• Support collaboration and employees engagement
• Build corporate culture and increase employees satisfaction

External benefits:

• Build relationships and trust with your customers
• Keep in touch with clients, suppliers and partners
• Gain exposure
As regards Airservices, I will try to explain how social networking can be used from a Human Resources perspective both internally and externally.
Human resources management is a key issue for Airservices because their workforce is ageing and 30% of their staff is forecasted to retire over the next 5 years.
Using social network could be part of their workforce plan to ensure that Airservices has sufficient and capable staff to deliver organisational objectives.

Internal social network:
  • Fulfill hiring needs through collaboration: Referrals from existing employees have been shown to be one of the best recruiting source. Advertising job openings on an internal social network, will make employees aware of the latest positions available without interrupting their day-to-day work with loads of emails.
  • Keep job descriptions accurate and up to date: By collaborating with hiring managers and teams, the HR department can truly understand their needs and adapt the job description so that they can reach the right audience to find the specific talent they need. HR manager can sometimes have a hard time to understand the specificities of each position. To help them, topics for every team in the company could be open, where they could discuss and explain the reality of their job and the qualities required to do it well.
  • Integrate new employees: For a new recruit it is always hard during the first few weeks to get to know who is who and what everyone does. An internal social network can act as an ice breaker and help new hires to get to know their co-workers, browsing through their profiles and connecting with them on the online community.
External social network:
  • Create a set of potential applicants: Airservices could extend the social network externally to have graduates and other people seeking employment with Airservices join the network and upload their current certifications, qualifications, work history and references, so that Airservices has a ready pool of potential canditates to draw from.
  • Showcase the company: To attract the best employees you need to provide them with an attractive value proposition. This means that potential candidates want to feel that by joining your workforce they will have the opportunity to do meaningful work in an enjoyable environment. Showcasing Airservices work, achievements, people but also corporate culture is a good way to convey a positive image of the company to attract the best candidates.
Some famous companies already took advantage of Social Networking to recruit new talents:

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